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University of Nevada, Reno


A sampling of publications about Northern Nevada Sheepherders and about Basque tree carvings


Books and Dissertations

Douglass, William and
Richard Lane
Book Cover imageBasque Sheep Herders of the American West: A Photographic Documentary
Paris, Beltran
Book Cover imageBeltran: Basque Sheepman of the American West
Not yet available in full text.

Laxalt, Robert
Book Cover imageSweet Promised Land
Sorenson, Von and Marian
Book Cover imageSheep Tales: Stories from the Sorenson Ranching Operation, 1924-2002 (large file)

Georgetta, Clel
Book Cover imageKelley of the Triune: Biography of a Sheep Dog
Sawyer, Byrd Wall
Book Cover imageNevada Nomads: A Story of the Sheep Industry Sheepman of the American West

Georgetta, Clel
Book Cover imageGolden Fleece in Nevada

Mallea-Olaetxe, Joxe
Book Cover imageSpeaking Through The Aspens: Basque Tree Carvings in California and Nevada
(Partial full text available)
Also available at the library and for purchase from the University of Nevada Press.
Andersson, Rikard
Book Cover imageHistorical Land-Use Information from Culturally-Modified Trees
Douglass, William A. and
Jon Bilbao
Book Cover imageAmerikanuak: Basques in the New World

Articles and Book Chapters

Lane, Richard
Title page imageTrouble in the Sweet Promised Land: Basques in Early 20th Century Northeastern Nevada
Crawford, Kristina
Title page imageIn the Sheep: Aspen Carvings As Indicators of Land Capacity and Use
Mallea-Olaetxe, Joxe
Title page imageAspen Art Rubbings: An Interview with Phillip I. Earl and Jean Earl
Georgetta, Clel
Title page imageThe Sheepherder
Georgetta, Clel
Title page imageA Sheepherder's Diary
Mallea-Olaetxe, Joxe
Title page imageCarving Out History: The Basque Aspens
Georgetta, Clel
Title page image Sheep in Nevada

Newsletter and Newspaper Articles

Wallace, Frances R. and
Hans Reiss
Page imageBasquos
Totoricagüena Egurrola, Gloria
Page imageEthnic Industries for Migrants: Basque Sheepherding in the American West
Center for Basque
Page imageSheep Camp Restorations
Beesley, David and
Michael Claytor
Page image"Adios, California": Basque Tree Art of the Northern Sierra
Crawford, Kristina
Page imageIn the Sheep: Aspen Carvings as Indicators of Land Capacity and Use
Dufurrena, Carolyn (photos by Linda Dufurrena)
Page imageBlizzard

Mallea-Olaetxe, Joxe
Page imageBasque Aspen Carvings
Macias, Sandra
Page imageRecording Basque History on Trees

Lane, Richard
Page imageBasque Tree Carvings

Nevada Agricultural Publications

Page imageSummer Ranges of Eastern Nevada Sheep
Page imageStudies of the Sheep Range Business in Nevada
Page imageCosts and Returns: Migratory Sheep Operations, Utah - Nevada, 1960-69
Page imageOne-Night Camps vs. Established Bed-Grounds on Nevada Sheep Ranges
Page imageRange Sheep Production in Northeastern Nevada
Page imageThe Taylor Grazing Act in Nevada
Page imageSheep Migration in the Intermountain Region

Press Releases, Notices and Public Laws

Page imageAspen Art Study Reveals Information About Early Sheepherders in Nevada
Page imageTaylor Grazing Act (Summary)  Taylor Grazing Act (Actual Code)
Page imageWestern Range Association Notices