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Johnson-Jeffries Fight: Training Camps

Jeffries's Camp

Big Jim Jeffries and his party of trainers, sparring partners and friends are speculated to have arrived in Reno on June 22, 1910. He set up camp at Moana Springs Resort.

Every day hordes of visitors swept out to Moana Springs, where Jeffries frequently disappointed them by failing to appear. Jeffries occasionally took on his sparring partners or worked out before the crowds, but more often he trained in private or simply went fishing.

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Johnson's Camp

Johnson’s arrival with his entourage on June 24, 1910 was also very eventful. The original arrangements for Laughton’s Hot Springs had fallen through, and Johnson was installed at Rick DeBarnardi’s ‘road house’ resort, commonly referred to as Rick’s Resort, a short distance west of town.

Visitors also flocked to Rick's, where Johnson never failed to put on a good show. Johnson, a born ham, clowned and clouted his opponents around the practice ring while the visitors whooped. He also provided drinks for his visitors and occasionally entertained them with music.

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