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Johnson-Jeffries Fight: Ringside Before the Fight

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Impressions at the Ringside

From the Rex Beach Booklet:

"Brass band (Reno Military Band) climbed into the ring and it was rumored that with a true western delicacy of feeling it was about to play "All Coons Look Alike to Me," but racial feeling was too high perhaps and they favored us with a selection of national airs at which the multitude rose and cheered. Hats waved, flags fluttered, feeling ran high — Patriotism was riot."

"As if to lend the scene color there were many women present, dressed in the purple and gold of Roman splendor. The matted banks of humanity were shot through with specks of color where they sat. To the west, high above the outermost periphery of the crowd, stretched a row of boxes (ladies boxes) in which were perhaps a hundred, with plumes gaily nodding and fans waving, while a handful of stocky guards protected them from possible annoyance."