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Johnson-Jeffries Fight: The Fight

The Fight

The Fight

"Suddenly, there burst forth a wild acclaim. Back of us and down the aisle from the east came one of the central figures in the real drama. It was Johnson, as we could see from his round, shaven head, and then following swiftly arose a five-fold greater roar as from the opposite quarter came Jeffries. The first blood cry of the thousands echoed as the men climbed into the ring."

- Rex Beach Booklet

At the end of each round, as recounted on pages 67-74 of Life and Battles of Jack Johnson: Champion Pugilist of the World by Richard K. Fox, 1912.

Round 1 – The round was tame. As they turned to their corners, Jeff tapped Johnson on the shoulder and smiled.

Round 2 – The gong rang without a good blow having been struck.

Round 3 – The round was even.

Round 4 – Jeffries had a shade the better of this round.

Round 5 – Round even.

Round 6 – Jeff’s nose was bleeding when the gong rang. It was Johnson’s round.

Round 7 – … Jeff’s eye was badly swollen … Jeff pulled his way into another clinch, but failed to land.  He drew Jack into a lead and shot a left to the face.  In  close quarter mixup Jack sent his left to the face.

Round 8 – Johnson’s round by a slight margin.

Round 9 – It was Jeff’s round.

Round 10 –  … Jeff took two lefts on the face when they broke. He stepped in quickly and shot a left to the body as gong rang.

Round 11 – Decidedly Johnson’s round.

Round 12 -- … as he [Jeffries] turned to take his seat at the gong he spat out a mass of blood. Jeff was not worried, apparently, and he looked fresh.

Round 13 – The round was all Johnson’s.

Round 14 – Jeff’s eye was almost closed …”How you feel, Jim?” said Jack as they closed in and clinched. “How you like ‘em?” Jeff wore a sober look and made no response. He took three more lefts. “They don’t hurt,” said Jeff.

Round 15 …