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Marilyn J. Horn
The History of Home Economics in Nevada: 1900-1990
AC 0304

Marilyn J. Horn came to the University of Nevada in 1955 as Associate Professor of Clothing. She was named Associate Director of Home Economics in 1957 (renamed Associate Dean in 1966), a position she held until 1970 when she became Director of Home Economics Research and Graduate Study.

The records in this collection are the materials Marilyn J. Horn used in The History of Home Economics in Nevada, published in 1991, by the Nevada Home Economics Association. The history provides information on the School of Home Economics at the University, the Cooperative Extension Service (Home Economics Extension), the Nevada Home Economics Association, and secondary school programs. The history covers the period of 1900-1990.

Many of the records found in the collection were contributed by Patricia A. Tripple, who also arrived at the University in 1955, and served as Dean of Home Economics from 1970-1977. The records include information on budgets, enrollment, student activities, curriculum, faculty and facilities. Also included are newsletters, brochures, and photographs.

Photographs were transferred to Archives Photograph Collection UNRA-P3433.

Horn provided the guide to the collection. A copy of The History of Home Economics in Nevada is located in Box 1.

5 cubic feet.


Box 1. Histories, Budgets, Students

A. Histories

B. Annual Reports

C. Budgets

D. Enrollments

E. Student Activities

F. Alumni


Box 2. Curricula and Program Review

A. Associate Degree programs

B. B.S. Degree Program

C. Master's Degree program

D. Interstate Doctoral program

E. Interdisciplinary Programs

F. Research

G. Program Reviews

Box 3. Faculty and Facilities

A. Faculty Agendas, Minutes, Memos

*per M. Horn, hand-written notes by Mildred Swift.

B. School of Home Economics Bylaws

C. UNR/UNS Codes

D. Faculty Forum Meetings 1955-1971

E. Advisory Board

F. The New Fleischmann Home Economics building

G. The Home Management Laboratory 1963

Boxes 4 and 5. Promotional

A. Newsletters

B. News Articles

C. Brochures