Preparing Records for Transfer

Ensuring the appropriate preservation and disposition of University records is a shared responsibility. The University Archives provides professional guidance and expertise in assuming custody of historical records no longer needed in University offices, and in providing access to researchers, administrators, and the UNR community. The University Library provides administrative support to the Archives through the Special Collections Department and access to the services and systems needed to carry out its responsibilities. University offices that create and maintain records are responsible for their preservation and security while they are in active use, determine when they are no longer needed on site, and provide essential information on their contents and uses to support appraisal and access.

When a university office believes it may have records of permanent historical value to transfer to the University Archives, the first step in the process is to contact the archives by e-mail or phone. The University Archivist will discuss with you the type and quantity of records to be transferred.  Arrangements can often be made over the telephone, or it may be necessary for the archivist to visit your office to review the records. Please do not send records to the Archives without first consulting the archivist. As a general guide, an overview of the collecting areas and the types of records suitable for transfer is available. Records transferred to the Archives will always be available to the depositing office.

When the department and the archives have agreed on what records are to be transferred, prepare them for transfer:

  1. Request archival records boxes from the archives.
  2. Pack the records and their original file folders into the boxes in the same order in which they were maintained in your office. It is important to transfer the file folders to the Archives with the records. Both legal and letter size files can be packed in the same type of record-storage box. When packing records into boxes leave two or three inches of space in each box so that files may be removed and refiled more easily.

    visual directions for putting record-storage box together
  3. In order to provide for a close accounting and to retain the proper order of a multi-box transfer it is important to label each box, in pencil, with the office name and the box number (i.e. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT, Box 1 of 5, Box 2 of 5, etc).
  4. A complete inventory of the contents of each box of the records to be transferred should be created in Microsoft Word or in plain text, and the data transferred to the Archives on a disk.
  5. When all preparations have been completed for transferring the records, fill out a Facilities Services Department   work order form for pick-up and delivery of the records to the Archives. Notify the Archives that the material has been sent.
  6. For guidelines to prepare electronic records for transfer please contact the Archives.
  7. An Acknowledgement of Transfer form will be completed by the Archives and sent to the depositing office for signature. This form includes a general description of the records being deposited and transfers administrative custody of the records from the originating office to the University Archives. Records transferred to the Archives will always be available to the depositing office.