A Guide to the Records of the
El Dorado Wood and Flume Company
Collection No. NC76

The El Dorado Wood and Flume Company

The El Dorado Wood and Flume Company was incorporated in Nevada in 1875 with H.M. Yerington, J.W. Haynie and A.J. Ralston as trustees and H.M. Yerington as president. Its major areas of operation were in Lake Valley, El Dorado County, California and in Hope Valley, Alpine County, and California. It also held land in Ormsby, Douglas, and Washoe Counties, Nevada. Logging and fluming wood was declared the business of the company until 1880 when its lands were denuded of timber. After that period, renting and selling company land was the primary activity. Much of the land was leased for pasturing and eventually sold, creating some of the largest ranches in the eastern valleys of the Sierra. Land holdings and companies became intertwined during this period of lumbering and land acquisition in California and Nevada. The El Dorado Wood and Flume Company absorbed the Markleeville Flume Company in 1875 and soon after acquired properties of H.M. Yerington and J.W. Haynie who were also officers in coexistent land and lumber companies. In later years the officers and interests of the El Dorado Wood and Flume Company were closely tied to those of the Carson and Tahoe Lumber and Fluming Company. The El Dorado Wood and Flume Company was formally dissolved in 1940.

Scope and Content

The El Dorado Wood and Flume Company records are contained in three archival boxes. The material includes correspondence, land-related documents, financial statements covering the period 1862-1940. The subject matter deals primarily with the land transactions of the company; acquisition, transfers of title, leasing and selling. A large portion of other financial material are tax receipts and statements of taxable property. OF special interest are correspondence and court case documents involving a land dispute between the company and Washoe Indians in Alpine County, California. Also included are several hand drawn maps indicating the company’s holdings in California and Nevada. Early documents are original and handwritten. Later material is typed and copied.

The collection is divided into the following series:

Series 1 Correspondence
Series 2 Company Papers
Series 3 Legal Documents
Series 4 Deeds and Land Related Documents
Series 5 Financial Statements
Series 6 Maps

Box 1

Series 1   NC76/1   Correspondence

The correspondence of the El Dorado Wood and Flume Company contained in this series mainly concerns the company’s land transactions. It covers the period 1875 through 1940. Early letters deal with land acquisition and later correspondence involves land leasing and sales. A large bulk of the correspondence between 1896 and 1906 concerns a land controversy between the El Dorado Wood and Flume Company and Washoe Indians near Woodfords, Alpine County, California. Loose correspondence is arranged chronologically in folders, 1875-1940. Three letterpress books of put going correspondence are loose in the box; February 17,1882 –July 1894; July 2, 1882- Jan. 12, 1911; Jan. 20, 1911- Sept. 16, 1918.

Series 2   NC76/2   Company papers

This series contains a small sampling of papers pertaining to company activities and policy, 1875-1940. Included is a certificate of dissolution, 1940. 1 folder.

Series 3   NC76/3   Legal Documents

Included are a variety of legal documents relating to land and property, excluding deeds and land patents. There are court cases, 1878-1900; agreements, 1875-1922; leases, 1886-1932; mortgages, 1917-1930; a right of way and a water rights document, 1875. Most of the material is typewritten and copied. It is arranged chronologically within subject categories. 7 folders.


Box 2

Series 4   NC76/4   Deeds and land Related Documents

This series concerns documents relating to land acquisition and transfer for 1862 to 1923. Included are U.S. and California land grants, 1875 1917; deeds, 1862-1923;abstracts of title, 1875-1919; surveys, lists, land descriptions and some township plats. Documents relate to land primarily in Alpine and El Dorado Counties, California, and to a lesser degree, land in Douglas and Washoe Counties, Nevada. Material is arranged chronologically within subject folders. 23 folders.


Box 2-3

Series 5   NC76/5   Financial Statements

The financial statements included in this series cover the period 1875-1938, the major being county property tax statements and receipts. Also included are California and U.S. tax statements and general operating receipts and accounts, promissory notes, bank books, check books, cancelled checks, and a company account book, 1875-1913.

Box 2 contains 20 folders of financial statements arranged chronologically within subject categories.

Box 3 contains three large envelopes containing bankbooks and cancelled checks, two check books and the company account book, 1875-1913. One large check book is loose on the shelf.

Series 6   NC76/6   Maps

Eleven original hand sketched maps showing company land, with cultural and natural features in Alpine, El Dorado and Placer Counties, California and in Douglas and Washoe Counties, Nevada, c. 1875-1895

Two blueprint maps of Lake Tahoe with hand colored locations of parcels being sold around the lake. 1912

Maps in the Map Collection

NC76/6/1, 4-5, 9-11 Douglas County map drawer
NC76/6/2 “Woodford’s Property”, 1890, in California map drawer
NC76/6/3,6-7 3 maps in Washoe County map drawer
NC76/6/8 3 maps in California-Oregon-Utah map drawer
NC76/6/12 Lake Tahoe in Nevada Map Case Drawer