A Guide to the
Pamlico Mining Company Records
Collection No. NC119

Pamlico Mining Company

The Pamlico Mine was located in the Pamlico Mining District, situated in the western Garfield Hills, ten miles southeast of Hawthorne, Nevada. The district yielded nearly a million dollars worth of gold between 1885 and 1900. Estimated production for the Pamlico mine from 1886 to 1889 was 324 tons of ore at a gross value of $167,542. The Pamlico Mining Company operated from Hawthorne, Nevada with John Forbes as president. H.M. Yerington, treasurer and S. A. Knopp, mine superintendent.

Scope and Content

The records of the Pamlico Mining Company are contained in one Hollinger archival document case and cover the time period from 1888 through 1904. The material consists mainly of correspondence and financial statements and accounts. Most of the material is original and handwritten.

This collection is divided into the following series:

Series 1Correspondence and Company Papers
Series 2Financial Statements and Accounts

Series 1   NC119/1   Correspondence and Company Papers

This series consists of one letterpress book, 1888 - 1902; loose correspondence, 1892 - 1902 and a lease, 1896. Correspondence is arranged in chronological order. 3 folders.

Series 2   NC119/2   Financial Statements and Accounts

A variety of financial accounts are contained in this series including one cash book, 1888 - 1902; two checkbooks 1888 - 1891, 1892 - 1896; two bank books, 1888 - 1891, 1891 - 1896; memorandum of gold bullion, 1891 - 1892; payroll vouchers 1896 - 1897; receipts, 1888 - 1901 and cancelled checks, 1888 - 1902. Material is arranged chronologically within subject categories. 6 folders 3 envelopes.