A Guide to the Records of
The Eureka Consolidated Mining Company
Collection No. 97-03

Eureka Consolidated Mining Company

The Eureka Consolidated Mining Company was an underground, hard rock mining company operating about two miles from Eureka, Nevada, on Ruby Hill. Early mining in the region began in 1864. The Eureka Consolidated was formed when a party of San Francisco businessmen bought out the owners of the Buckeye, Mammoth, Sentinel and other mining claims in July, 1870. By the early 1870s the Eureka Consolidated Mining Company had purchased several additional mines, built five blast furnaces for smelting ore, and constructed a narrow-gauge railroad from the mines to its reduction works (later sold to the Eureka and Palisade Railroad Company).

The production of the district from 1879-1883 was enormous, second only to the Comstock as a source of precious metals in the United States. From 1884 the output dwindled to a very small amount; the Eureka Consolidated Mines closed in 1891. By 1922 all the mines at Ruby Hill had shut down, largely because of sulphide ores and the water level in the mines. The exhaustion of the charcoal supply as fuel for the smelters also had an impact. At the end of 1905 the Eureka Consolidated and Richmond Mining Company were taken over by the Richmond-Eureka Mining Company with the goal of extracting large bodies of low-grade ore left from earlier days and pumping water from the Locan Shaft. By 1940 that company was owned by the U.S. Smelting, Refining and Mining company of Salt Lake City, which did extensive development work. In 1950 the mine was owned and operated by Eureka Corporation, Ltd., of Eureka, and developement work continued. Nevertheless, not until the 1980s and 1990s did mining begin to really revive. Today the Eureka Consolidated properties are owned by Homestake Mining Company.

Scope and Content

This collection contains photocopies of original documents created by the Eureka Consolidated Mining Company. The original records are owned by the Homestake Mining Company and were discovered in the attic of Homestake's Eureka office. Homestake graciously agreed to copy these records and donated them to the Special Collections Department in 1997. The collection remains in the order in which Homestake discovered them. Included in this collection are about 1500 pages, dating from 1900 to the 1950s consisting of maps, drawings, and letters. They document buildings, headframes, underground facilities, ore cars, and other mining equipment. Letters cover contract wages, mine safety, price quotes for equipment, and underground mining progress. One set of letters consists of correspondence between the Eureka Consolidated Mining Company and the Atomic Energy Commission. The AEC, with strong backing from Nevada Senator Malone, proposed the construction of a nuclear power plant for the Eureka mines and surrounding ranches.


Arthur, Edward. Nevada Mines. Los Angeles: Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County, 1955.

Garrison, F. Lynwood. "Report upon the General Mining Conditions of the Eureka District, Nevada. Philadelphia: Sept. 1922.

Hall, Shawn. Romancing Nevada's Past. Ghost Towns and Historic Sites of Eureka, Lander, and White Pine Counties. Reno: University of Nevada Press, 1994.

[Hancock, John, Sr.]. Mining and Other Resources of Eureka County, Nevada, Presented to the American Mining Congress. Goldfield: Sept. 27, 1909.

Lambert Molinelli & Co. Eureka and Its Resources: A Complete History of Eureka County, Nevada.... San Francisco: H. Keller, 1879.

Mott, Leslie C. Mining Activities and Sales Opportunities in the State of Nevada. Los Angeles: Domestic Trade Report no. 94. Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County, 1940.

Processed by:  Susan Searcy
Date: November 10, 1997

This collection has been divided into two sections based on the physical format of each. Items #1-58 are smaller than ledger size paper and have been placed in folders and an archival box. Items 59-100 are oversize maps and drawings which are stored in a manuscript mapcase drawer. Many of these drawings were originally part of the files in section one; cross references of the file numbers have been noted.

Box 1

  1. Correspondence of J. H. Rogers from letterpress copy book. Topics include mining claims, daily life, hardships. 1922
  2. Drawings of machines (primarily underground): mining equipment, buckets, cages, hoisting, ore cars. 1946-1948. See also 97-03/64.
  3. Drawings of underground installations: shaft framing, bins, pumps, chutes. 1946­1948. See also 97-03/65
  4. T. L. Shaft auxiliary hoist plans. 1955..
  5. Drawings of surface and surface installations: trackage, pipelines, hydrants, building locations and floor plans, Fad Shaft (Eureka). 1946.
    See also 97-03/67
  6. Atomic power generation - Ruby Hill file. Nuclear proposal for Eureka. 1952-1958.
  7. Atomic Utilization Committee. Nuclear proposal for Eureka, feasibility studies, letters from Atomic Energy Commission. 1952-1954.
  8. Atomic Power. Fad Shaft nuclear power proposals, letters from Nevada Senator Malone and the AEC. 1955.
  9. Power requirements for Eureka Mining operations, discussions with power companies. ca 1945-1953.
  10. Correspondence between Atomic Utilization Committee and Eureka Corporation. 1952.
  11. Basting-plans and specifications for storage of explosives. 1926, 1940.
  12. Claims, patents, location notices and maps for Eureka area claims, mines, and mills. Includes letters and oversize maps. 1940s, 1950s.
  13. "Geological Report on the Properties of the Tonopah Western Consolidated Mining Company, and Greenwater Copper Mining & Smelting Company, Esmeralda County, Near Tonopah, Nevada," by Wilber H. Grant. Oct. 1918.
  14. Instructions for the "Cement Gun;" correspondence. 1940s, 1950s.
  15. Correspondence and specifications for 60 cu. ft. Granby-type ore car. 1946. See also 97-03/73.
  16. Drawing for ore car spring draft gear and specifications. 1946.   [Underground car - card rocker dump car.]
  17. Specifications and blueprints for ore cars. 1956. [Card rocker dump car]. See also 97-03/74
  18. Specifications and correspondence, steam distribution system [Skip, "Steams-Roger" Kimberly Type, 60 cf.]. 1946, 1948.
    See also  97-03/77.
  19. Blueprints and specifications, hoisting engines, parts, assemblies, 7' x 5' Nordberg double drum hoist. 1950s. See also 97-03/78.
  20. Hoisting - signal bell codes for mine housing. n.d. [ca 1940s-1950s]
  21. Blueprint and letter for a combined skip and cage, "Jeto" Bottom Dump, 63 cu. ft. cap. 1946. See also 97-03/80
  22. Letters, hoist specifications, load limits, and blueprints for Fad shaft hoist. 1946.
  23. Electrical data and blueprints for General Electric motors and wiring diagrams, hoisting, Fad Shaft. 1945.
  24. Blueprints, correspondence for "Joshua Henly" type hoist.   1953. See also 97-03/81
  25. Mill production estimates, Eureka Corporation, Ltd.: budget, time schedules, wages, production (and costs), profit estimates.1947-1948.
  26. Mucking data - Riddell Shaft mucking machine. Letters and drawings of bucket mucking machinery. 1949. See also 97-03/83.
  27. Plans for transformer substation. 1945. See also 97-03/85.
  28. Correspondence and specifications for draft coolers, cooling towers, spray ponds. 1952.
  29. Blueprints and specifications, evaporative coolers, Buffalo Forge. 1945-1946.
  30. Eureka town lots owned by Richmond-Eureka: townsite maps, plots, and claims within town boundaries. 1950. See also 97-03/89.
  31. Letters, brochures and blueprints for pumps & accessory equipment - Aldrich Pumps. 1946. See also 97-03/90.
  32. Maps of roads and easements - Eureka - Ruby Hill Road. 1947-1951.
  33. Safety & fire protection system, Fad Mine, showing surface buildings with hydrant placements, water lines. 1945.
    See also 97-03/91.
  34. Mine safety regulations (Matachewan Consolidated Mines), showing regulations per job type. 1940.]
  35. Blueprint, surface plant - bins, Fad Shaft. 1938.
  36. Surface Plant - Fad Shaft, general plant layout. Surface works, water and steam lines,including plan and profile of surface facilities. 1944.
  37. Surface Plant, prefabricated steel buildings installation instructions and blueprints. 1947-1948.
  38. Buildings - foundation plan for Manager's house. n.d.
  39. Surface Plant - Holly Shaft headframe detail. n.d..
  40. Fad Mine, surface plant - buildings, machine shop layout (master mechanic and blacksmithing areas), construction information, blueprints.
    See also 97-03/94.
  41. Surface Plant - warehouse blueprints and letters. 1946..
  42. Fad Shaft cross sections survey data, including underground profiles of shafts.   1945.
  43. Fad Shaft timbering general data, steel sets for shafts. 1940s. See also 97-03/95.
  44. Fad Shaft, ventilation & air conditioning. Underground ventilation profiles, Locan and Fad Shafts. 1946.
  45. Fad 1750' level pump station. brochures, letters, price quotes, ventilation and air conditioning. 1948.
  46. Ventilation & air conditioning - fans, Sutorbilt Motors. Letters, brochures, price quotes. 1947.
  47. Ventilation & air conditioning - fans, Jefferey Aerodyne. Letters and brochures. 1948.
  48. Wage rates & bonus by job type, hourly and daily. 1956.
  49. Wage rates & bonus, T. L. Shaft. 1954.
  50. Wage rates & bonus - bonus calculations Fad Shaft. Rate of advance (underground), volume of earth moved, etc.1948.
  51. Wager rates & bonus - bonus calculations T. L. Shaft. 1955. See also 97-03/97
  52. Wage Rates & Bonus - drift contracts in T. L. Shaft. Labor contracts for drifting, plus bonus agreements, wage rates per level, duties, company vs labor supplies and responsibilities. 1950s.
  53. Wage rates & bonus - drift advances in T. L. Shaft. 1957.
  54. Wage rates & bonus - calculations T. L. Shaft. 1957.
  55. "Report on the Property of Ruby Hill Water Company," by M.R. Valentine, Supt., Richmond Eureka. 1923.
  56. Waterworks equipment (misc.): letters, brochures, price quotes on various surface installation water plants, treatment facilities, storage, etc. 1940s-1950s.
  57. Waterworks equipment for storage and filtration, including a hypoclorinator with instructions (Chemical Equip. Co.). 1945.
  58. Work schedules: projected work per month, drift advances, timbering, equipment set up, volume removed, etc. 1948.

Oversized Drawings. Stored in Manuscript Map Case

  1. Bound map book: "Holly Consolidated Mines Company Geologic Atlas". Oct. 1922.
  2. Misc. old Ruby Hill claim maps. c1908, 1919, 1920, etc.
  3. Maps - "Gulli-Land" Eureka-Croesus claims. n.d. (c1919?)
  4. Mill and Mt. Hope drawings:
    • Rio Tinto Mill elevations of drwg. B-12. 8-18-48.
    • Plan Showing Rio Tinto Mill adapted to ECL Flowsheet, pts 1 & 2. (pt.l: 8-17-48; pt.2: 8-14-48)
    • 500 TPD Concentrator Flowsheet adapting Rio Tinto & Mt. Hope equip. 8-10-48
    • Adaptation of Rio Tinto Crushing Division to Eureka Millsite. 7-30-48.
    • Section millsite and contour. 3-6-48.
    • Rio Tinto Mill adapted to Eureka millsite w/ changes in crushing layout. 7-30-48.
    • Plan and elevation showing Rio Tinto Mill adapted to ECL Millsite. 6-18-48.
    • Elevation 500 T.P.D. Mill thru Primary Mill. 5-2-48.
    • Concentrating section 500 T.P.D. Mill - plan. 5-4-48.
    • Elevation screening and conveyors (part 1 of 2). 4-28-48.
    • Shaft and crusher layout (part 2 of 2). 4-26-48.
    • Present and proposed water system, Mt. Hope, schematic. 1-27-48.
    • Piping and moisture trap housing for Eimco Filter. 1-30-48.
    • Eureka, proposed alteration and additions to Mt. Hope Mill. 1-21-48.
    • Mt. Hope Mill revision. 1-12-48.
    • Callahan Zinc-Lead Company Mt. Hope Unit, proposed housing areas. 7-15-44.
    • No. 1 Mill extension - Mt. Hope. 1-19-48.
    • General layout - crushing-flotation, roasting-cyanidation. 4-5-48.
    • Ore bin and custom ore hopper. 9-20-48.
    • Head frame, ore bin and bottom feeder proposals. 9-15-48.
  5. General powerhouse floor plan with proposed addition. 11-4-48.
    General plans and elevations of power plant buildings. 6-25-48.

Manuscript Map Case Drawer

  1. Drawings, mining equipment and structures. See also 97-03/02
    • Pulley bracket for head frame. 8-25-48.
    • Plumb bob reel. 4-9-48.
    • Shaft bucket for Fad Shaft. 10-8-46.
    • Shaft bucket 32 cu. ft. 7-25-46.
    • Cherry picker. 2-22-46.
    • Turnout for 18" Ga. 12# Rail. 2-11-46.
    • Lidgerwood brake engine for EH #5195. 6-9-45.
  2. Underground installations. See also 97-03/03
    • 8" x 8" jacket sets with wall plates in 3 segments. n.d. (0947)
    • Chute and measuring pocket for Fad Shaft. 10-14-47.
    • Pocket chute with lip for Fad Shaft. n.d. (0947)
    • Measuring pocket for Fad Shaft. 12-4-47
    • East-west section through 2250 level loading pocket, ore chute.12-2-47.
    • Waste pocket chute: 1700 level. n.d. (0947)
    • Fad Shaft skip pocket 1683' level. n.d. (0947)
    • Chute - 800 level, Eureka Corporation Ltd. 4-17-48.
  3. Geological Plan and Sections of Eureka District, Eureka County, Nevada. April 1927.
  4. Fad Shaft. See also 97-03/05 -Surface track layout. 6-28-48.
    • Waste chute for Fad Shaft bins. 8-21-48.
    • Plan of surface showing present and proposed buildings. c. mid-1940s.
    • Proposed steel shop. n.d. (0948).
    • Front elevation of headframe at Fad Shaft... n.d. (0948).
    • E.C.L. Engineers Office. 5-22-48.
    • Layout of change room, offices, warehouse, shops & access tunnel. 6-17-66.
    • Fad Shaft Hill, general plant layout. 11-15-44.
    • General plant layout, Eureka. 1945.
    • Hospital (floor plan). 12-6-45.
  5. Eureka town and mine sites, Eureka Corporation, surface installations.
    • Hose and hydrant house. 2-18-46.
    • Mine ventilation fans, foundation and housing. 11-11-48.
    • Water treatment plant for diesels -hoisting and location. 10-23-48.
    • Water treatment plant for diesels -tanks and piping. 10-18-48.

Oversize Manuscaript Map Case Drawer

  1. cont’d.
    • Filtration tank for diesel, water treatment plant. 10-1448.
    • Surface buildings drawing No S-38. 10-11-48.
    • Ore bin housing on Fad Shaft headframe. 9-2-48.
    • 60' headframe, Fad Shaft showing alterations to lower 30 feet. 6-28-48.
    • Hoist room, Eureka Corporation Ltd. 5-15-45.
  4. Property map - Tonopah District to accompany geologic report, Tonopah Western Consolidated and Greenwater Copper Mining and Smelting Company. Oct. 1918. See 97/03/13
  5. Rocker dump car. 3-9-42.
  6. See also 97-03/15.
    • Granby type ore car. 1-11-47.
    • 20d. dump block for use with Granby Car. 11-6-41.
  7. Standard rocker dump car 32 cu. ft. 9-28-53. See also 97-03/17
  8. Rocker dump car. 4-18-46.
  10. See also 97-03/18
    • General arrangement 60 cu. ft. skip. 1-14-47.
    • Frame details and assembly 60 cu. ft. skip. 1-11-47
    • Skip body assembly and details 60 cu. ft. skip. 1-13-47.
  11. See also 97-03/19
    • Empire-Star Mine Co., Ltd. ore hoist-foundations. 5-2-36.
    • General drawing Nordberg Mfg. Co. 7-25-56.
  12. Richmond Shaft hoist: -"1914 Pattern". 5-11-15.
    • 60hp gasoline hoisting engine. 12-6-01.
  13. Combined skip and cage, Book Mine-Alpha. 10-14-46. See also 97-03/21
  14. Mining machinery 150 hp hoist general arrangement. 10-28-27. See also 97-03/24.
  16. Riddell Shaft mucking machine: shaft sinking general assembly and details. 2-11-48.
    See also 97-03/26.
  17. Mucking data - ore chutes, Sunshine Mining Company:
    • Steel details for 3500 Pocket. 8-27-47.
    • Waste chute. Nov. 1946.
    • Air jack. 5-8-47.
    • Air gate cylinder. Oct. 1946.
  18. See also 97-03/27 -Substation. 5-29-45. -Erection drawing for sub-station for Eureka Corp. 6-20-45.
  19. Powerplant layout - 600 Kw. 10-12-42.
  21. Escort vessels engine assembly and installation. 7-27-42.
  22. Plat of the Townsite of Eureka, Nevada; Sheets A, B, and C. Nov. 1937. See also 97-03/30
  23. Sectional assembly 2-stage pump. 12-7-31. See also 97-03/31
  24. Fad Mine safety and fire protection system. See also 97-03/35 -Proposal fire protection system. 10-15-45. -General plant layout. 12-26-45. -Surface plant fireline system. n.d.
  27. Fad Mine. Machine shops. Dec. 1944. See also 97-03/40
  28. Fad Mine. Detail of shaft timber. 6-17-45. See also 97-03/43
  29. General plan and sections of 600 level pump station T. L. Shaft. 6-17-54.
  30. General plan and section of T. L. Shaft 850 level station. 10-18-54. See also 97-03/51.
  31. Platform car "issued Feb 13 1946". 8/13/43.
  32. Ingersoll-Rand Co., plans for compressor, foundation. 8/15/16
  33. General arrangement, blueprints for air compressor (Pneumatic Tool Co.). 4/5/29.