A Guide to the Records of
The Nevada Black History Project
Collection No. 96-47

The Nevada Black History Project

The Nevada Black History Project was organized in 1989 to bring to light more of the history of the Black presence in this state. It was co-sponsored by the Northern Nevada Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Committee and the Northern Nevada Black Cultural Awareness Society. Funding was provided by those two organizations and by the Nevada Humanities Committee, Nevada's 125th Anniversary Commission, the Hawkins Foundation, and private contributions, especially from Maya Miller, William C. Thornton, and Nancy Williams. Dr. Elmer Rusco was project director, Nancy Peppin was project executive, and Leonard Woods was the fiscal agent. They were assisted by two advisory committees in Southern and Northern Nevada.

Four products were produced by the project: a traveling exhibit with an historical thrust, available for showing throughout Nevada; a 20-minute videotape on the subject, available for borrowing without charge or which may be purchased; a publication, in newspaper/tabloid form, which focused on the achievements of Black Nevadans today and which was issued in two editions (1992 and 1997); and an archives of research materials. The Project collected more than 1,000 photographs, either copy prints or originals, which were deposited in the Special Collections Department, along with the administrative records of the Project.

The Project focused on Nevada individuals and collected a significant amount of biographical information. Nevadans included in the publication were nominated by the two advisory committees and in almost all cases, the data were provided by individuals, supplemented from other sources.

Those wishing information about the traveling exhibit or the videotape should contact:

The Nevada Humanities Committee
Box 8029
Reno, NV 89507

The preceding information was abstracted from the Project's publication, Nevada Black History. Yesterday and Today.

Scope And Content

The archival records of the Nevada Black History Project were donated to the Special Collections Department by Dr. Elmer Rusco in 1996 and 1997 on behalf of the Nevada Black History Project. Because of space considerations, each accession was numbered and shelved separately as 96-47 and 98-33 but for all intents and purposes, they should be considered the same group of records.

Collection 98-33 dates from 1982-1997 and consist of two cubic feet of textual materials, just over 1,000 photographs, and a video tape. The photographs and video were transferred to the photographic archives of the Department and cataloged as photo collection P97-56. There are no restrictions on access and use of the archives of the Project.

Collection 96-47 (the collection in hand) dates from 1976-1996 and includes materials which predate the Project. It consists of three cubic feet of material; there are no restrictions on access and use of the archives of the Project.

The arrangement of this collection follows the original order established by the donor and includes administrative records; grant proposals, applications, reports, and correspondence; lists of topics and people to be included in the exhibit and/or publications; lists of photo sources; newspaper clippings; flyers and brochures on a variety of topics; and a variety of publications on Black-related subjects, both Nevada and national.

Processed by: Susan Searcy and Rebecca Richards
Date: June 17, 1999

Box 1

96-47/1 Proposals.
96-47/2 Southern U.S. and the Las Vegas Connection.
96-47/3-4 Black Cultural Awareness Society (BCAS). Minutes, newsletters, clippings, flyers. 1989 -
96-47/5 Black Cultural Awareness Society. Minutes, Mixer.
96-47/6 Northern Nevada BCAS.
96-47/7 Black History script - Play.
96-47/8 Hawkins Foundation grant. 1990.
96-47/9-10 Humanities Committee. Grant, reports, correspondence.
96-47/11 Nevada 125th Anniversary Commission. Project of the Northern Nevada Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Committee. 1991.
96-47/12 Data Sheets - forms.
96-47/13 Clarence Ray interview manuscript. Las Vegas, 1989.
96-47/14 Articles about Jesse Jackson from the New Yorker Magazine. 1992.
96-47/15 Fred Hymes correspondence to 1987.
96-47/16 Maggie Johnson correspondence. 1976.
96-47/17 Alma Holton correspondence. 1993.
96-47/18 Valerie Parks, photographer.
96-47/19 George M. Curtis.
96-47/20 Gallery of History.
96-47/21 Finances - Planning Grant for Nevada Black History Project. 1990.
96-47/22 1976 - 1977 Traveling Exhibit. Photocopies of some text and photos.
96-47/23 West Las Vegas Public Library.
96-47/24 Audio-Visual Resources Directory.
96-47/25 Xeroxes of B. Woodard Pictures. 96-47/26 Exhibitors.
96-47/27 U.S. postal stamps honoring Blacks - Exhibit.
96-47/28 Inventories of Photographs.
96-47/29 Info for photo catalog.
96-47/30 Inventories of photographs, 1990-1992.
96-47/31 Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery, Alabama.
96-47/32 The Martin Luther King, Jr., Center. 1988-1990.
96-47/33 Films.
96-47/34 Ethnic Films.
96-47/35a Exhibits.
96-47/35b-c Classroom information packets on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Box 2

96-47/35d American Vision Magazine: The Black Historical Journey. June, 1990.
96-47/36 Exhibit - drafts, correspondence, newsclips.
96-47/37 Randall Robinson.
96-47/38 Supplemental Grant. 1991.
96-47/39 Nominees' address lists - North and South. 1992.
96-47/40 Pamphlets of national interest about blacks. 2 folders.
96-47/41 Northern Nevada. [2 folders]
96-47/42 Northern Committee. Clippings, flyers, correspondence, lists of names of nominees, progress reports.
96-47/43 Publication - Drafts, correspondence. [2 folders]
96-47/44 "Forty Famous Black Americans: Picture, Biography and Quiz cards" [games]. 1988.
96-47/45 Southern Committee. Correspondence, lists of names for project.
96-47/46 Southern Nevada. Flyers, publications, clippings, Black publications.
96-47/47 Finances.

Box 3

96-47/48 Newsclippings - Black students, teachers, schools, miscellaneous.
96-47/49-50 Newsclippings.
96-47/51 Pentecostal Temple Church of God, Las Vegas. 1991.
96-47/52 1987 Las Vegas Sun series on the West Side, Las Vegas.
96-47/53 Seba Johnson.
96-47/54 Las Vegas flyers.
96-47/55 Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Reno. Clippings.
96-47/56 Phillips, David, photographer.
96-47/57 African-American Cultural Society.
96-47/58 19th Annual Black History Project.
96-47/59 Reno-Sparks Branch, NAACP programs. 1987, 1991.
96-47/60 Newsclips - Las Vegas.
96-47/61 Newsclips, etc. - copies.
96-47/62 Blacks - general information catalogs.
96-47/63 "Good Time Coming?" - Reviews.
96-47/64 Westside photographs [notes], January 1991.
96-47/65 Agnes Howell S.U.R.E. file.
96-47/66 1939 Las Vegas Black clips.
96-47/67 Newsclips - Reno.
96-47/68 Xeroxes of photos.
96-47/69-70 Project files, resource lists, clippings, articles, photo lists, correspondence.
96-47/71 Misc. printed material about Blacks.