Photo: Historic Reno map

The map collection in the Special Collections Department of the University of Nevada Reno Library contains maps of Nevada and the surrounding region from the 1840s to the present. The main emphasis of the collection is on the region of the state north of Clark County. It includes both manuscript and published materials ranging from sketch maps of individual mines or ranch properties to an extensive selection of USGS topographical maps, Sanborn Fire Insurance maps, and Nevada Highway Department maps.

Approximately one-third of the collection is cataloged with access available through a card catalog. Departmental finding aids and staff assistance provide access to the remainder. Copy services are available on a fee basis. A growing number of Special Collections maps are available online in one of the Nevada in Maps online collections.

All maps are housed in a security-monitored storage area. There is no public access to this area, and researchers must request all materials be paged for them.

The Special Collections Department of the University of Nevada Reno is committed to the collection and preservation of maps which document Nevada's history. Items are actively sought from individuals, businesses, and other groups who have an interest in having their historically significant materials preserved for posterity and made available for research and scholarly use.