Nevada and the Great Basin

The Department has an extensive collection of both current and retrospective materials dealing with the history and development of Nevada and surrounding areas in the Great Basin. In this collection are books, periodicals, maps, photographs, architectural records and a large number of manuscripts. The manuscript collections contain documents recording both historical and contemporary life in Nevada. The diaries, letters, ledgers, journals, business records, family papers, and records of service and fraternal organizations are all important as primary research materials. The photograph collection contains thousands of valuable images of Nevada, visually documenting the history of the state from the 1860's to the present.

Great Basin Indians

In this collection are books, periodicals, manuscripts, audiotapes and photographs on the prehistory, history and contemporary lives of Native Americans living in the Great Basin region. There are materials on the Northern and Southern Paiute, Washo and Shoshone tribes, along with materials on tribes that are linguistically or ethnographically linked with them.

Women in the West

Containing firsthand published accounts of women's experiences in the 19th and 20th century trans-Mississippi West, this collection consists primarily of autobiographies, diaries and letters, but also includes important biographies and creative literature.

Book Arts

This collection contains materials on the history and development of printing along with related arts such as book design, papermaking, typography, and illustration. The collection includes an extensive number of books which exemplify the history of printing, including books from the 15th-19th centuries, and publications of contemporary printers.