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University of Nevada, Reno

Guide to the Exhibit

The story of the Sheepherders of Northern Nevada is richly told in photographs, tree carvings, art, interviews, videos, music, books and articles. There is much to learn and enjoy among the sights, sounds, and narratives gathered here. We invite you to send us your stories and comments.

Themes to Explore

  • Photo: Shearing

    Learn about the history and economics of a major industry in Northern Nevada.

  • Photo: Sheepherder with flock

    The life of a sheep-herder in Northern Nevada was not easy! Find out more.

  • Screenshot of tree carving from video

    Carvings on the bark of aspen trees tell many stories about sheepherders who passed through the mountains of Northern Nevada.

  • Image from Peavine Aspens Game

    The arborglyphs on Peavine Mountain have been well-documented in multi-media ways.

  • Drawing - L. Martin

    Many carvers were recognized as artists of the medium. Their works of art have been preserved in photos and other media by artists and enthusiasts.

  • Photo: Sheepherder

    Most of the sheepherders in Northern Nevada were Basque. Learn how sheepherding launched a culture in the Western U.S.

  • Photo: Sheepdog

    Sheepdogs were companions and partners for sheepherders in managing bands of 1,000 to 2,000 sheep.