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University of Nevada, Reno

Vicente Bilbao Oral HistoryVicente Bilbao

From Oroitzapendaki: Voices from Basque America Project
Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, Reno

Chronicler: Vicente Bilbao
Interviewer: William Douglass
Elko, Nevada

Vicente Bilbao was born in 1897 in Bizkaia and worked in Europe farming and mining until he could save enough money to travel to the US. His brother had come over earlier to America and convinced him to come over and live with him in Oregon. His brother needed to help him finance his journey.

After he arrived in the U.S., Vicente worked a couple jobs for different outfits. His interview includes a wealth of information about how herders lived and worked in Southeast Oregon, Idaho and Nevada.

Vicente Bilbao in 1966 in Tuscaloosa, NV

Interview summary

(from the Oroitzapendaki site)

Wedding portrait
Paula and Vicente Bilbao, 1920s