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Event Home Pages

For some events and programming, we elect to take step beyond our typical promotional tactic of calling your attention to it through the KC Facebook page and the KC News Blog. In these instances, we will put together a special home page in order to throw a spotlight upon the many exciting details we think you would like to know about the event.

Please feel free to browse past and current event home pages using the Quick Links in the sidebar.

Featured Current Event

Knowledge Center à la Carte (Event Home)

When: Fall 2011

What: A week-long series of free workshops presented by library staff members, covering topics as diverse as conducting research to using powerful video production software.

See Also:

  • Our Facebook page to keep track of these workshops as the event date nears.

Featured Events from the Archive

Small Talk, Big Ideas (Event Home)

When: Spring 2011

What: A four-part series of fascinating discussions with UNR authors Joseph DeLappe, Ann Ronald, Leonard Weinberg, and Sudeep Chandra, covering topics including digital media, climate change in Lake Tahoe, international terrorism, and western landscapes.

See Also:

  • Our media downloads page for audio or video recordings of the conversations as they are made available.