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Manuscript Finding Aid

A Guide to the
Frederic J. Delongchamps Architectural Drawings And Papers
Collection Nos. NAA1 and NC1215

Frederic Joseph DeLongchamps 1882-1969.

Frederic J. DeLongchamps was born Frederic Joseph DeLonchant in Reno, Nevada on January 2, 1882. He attended Washoe County schools and graduated from the University of Nevada in 1904 with a degree in mining engineering. 

He was employed as a mining engineer and draftsman in Inyo County, California before he embarked on a career in architecture. DeLongchamps spent a short time in San Francisco where he may have apprenticed, but he entered the architectural profession with no extensive formal training. He returned to Nevada in 1907 and formed a partnership with Ira W. Tesch which lasted for two years. From 1909 to 1938, DeLongchamps maintained his own firm and became one of Nevada's most prolific architects. He designed both private and public buildings including nine county courthouses in Nevada and California. He was awarded the contract to design the Nevada Buildings for the Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco in 1915, winning a silver medal for his work.

DeLongchamps was appointed Nevada State Architect in 1919 and was the only person to hold the position, which was abolished in 1926. During this time, he designed many state buildings.

In 1939, George L. F. O' Brien joined DeLongchamps in partnership in Reno, and Hewitt Wells added his name to the association in 1962. The architectural firm of DeLongchamps, O'Brien and Wells continued to design buildings, mainly in the Reno area, into the 1960s.

Frederic J. DeLongchamps remained active in mining engineering throughout his life and was also involved in many community service organizations. In 1966, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the University of Nevada, Reno. He died in Reno, Nevada on February 11, 1969.

Scope And Content

The Frederic J. DeLongchamps collection of architectural drawings and accompanying papers was acquired by the University of Nevada, Reno in 1978 from Hewitt C. Wells, DeLongchamps' partner and successor in the architectural firm of DeLongchamps, O' Brien and Wells. The drawings, dating from 1899 to 1962, were rolled and stored in approximately 250 cardboard tubes. Accompanying specifications and documents relating to the drawings were stored in separate boxes.

In 1983, the Special Collections Department at the University of Nevada, Reno received a grant from the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office to arrange and catalog the drawings and architectural records. The drawings were humidified, flattened and placed in map folders. They are stored flat on metal shelves in the Special Collections Department. Each of the approximately 550 DeLongchamps projects has been given a record number. These were assigned chronologically, with earliest projects having the lowest numbers. Drawings within each project are numbered from earliest to latest and include preliminary drawings, sketches, presentation drawings, working drawings and shop drawings. Each drawing is identified with a record number and a drawing number. Although projects containing many drawings are stored in several folders, no more than one architectural project is contained in a single folder. The drawings are arranged by record number in numerical order on the shelves.

The DeLongchamps drawings have been cataloged using MARC (machine readable catalog) format. Computer printout catalogs for the collection have been produced and are available in the Special Collections Department at the University of Nevada Reno, Library. Information for each record includes building name, architect, architectural firm, project location, client name, date of drawings (an asterisk after date indicates that the date does not appear on the drawings and was taken from another source), building type and description (includes architectural style), number and type of drawings, and record number. Drawings may be accessed in the catalogs by building name, location, client, description (style), date and record number.

Specifications exist for some but not all of the DeLongchamps architectural projects. These, and accompanying documents, are stored in 14 boxes on the Special Collection Department shelves. Record numbers assigned to the architectural drawings also apply to corresponding specifications and documents. Record numbers for the drawings are preceded with NAA 1 and for the specifications, NC1215. Drawings by other architects included in the DeLongchamps collection, appear in the printout by building name. Specifications for these drawings can be found in box 14 along with specifications having no accompanying drawings. These drawings and specifications have not been assigned a record number. A small collection of photographs were transferred to the photo archives and printed material transferred into the Special Collections or general stacks. 

The collection is divided into the following series:

Series 1            Architectural Drawings            NAA 1 

See department for guide.

Alphabetical by building name, location, client and description, chronological by date, numerical by record number.


Series 2            Specifications and Documents NC1215

See box and folder list as follows. 


BOX 1 

NC1215/1            Washoe County Courthouse



NC1215/5           Nevada State Penitentiary 

NC1215/6           YMCA

NC1215/8           Nevada State Capitol

NC1215/9           Lyon County Courthouse

NC1215/11         Clark County Courthouse

NC1215/13         Fallon Public School Building

NC1215/16         Kirman, Richard, house

NC1215/19         Modoc County Courthouse

NC1215/25         Battle Mountain Public School

NC1215/27         Douglas County High School

NC1215/31         Minden Fire House

NC1215/34         Nixon National Bank (Reno National Bank)

NC1215/40         Minden Hotel

NC1215/44         Mineral County Hospital

NC1215/47         Aiden High School

NC1215/54         Humphrey Supply Company Building

NC1215/55         Mary Lee Nichols School

NC1215/57         Mineral County High School

NC1215/61         Nevada State Prison Buildings Cell Block

NC1215/62         Nevada State School of Industry Hospital and Cottage

NC1215/67         Sparks Primary School Building

NC1215/68         Young, Mary M., house

NC1215/70         Pearson and Cafferata Building 

NC1215/74         Commercial Hotel Co., Hotel and Bank Building (Oregon)

NC1215/76         Elko Grammar School

NC1215/79         Humboldt County Courthouse

NC1215/80         Lake County High School

NC1215/89         Palisade Grade School

NC1215/92         Rex Theater

NC1215/94         University of Nevada, Reno Bunkhouse

NC1215/95         University of Nevada, Reno College of Education Building

NC1215/96         University of Nevada, Reno Farmhouse

NC1215/97          Manzanita Hall (3 folders)

NC1215/99         Elko County General Hospital

NC1215/100       Fallon Bank

NC1215/103       Heroes Memorial Building 



NC1215/106       Masonic Temple for Humboldt Lodge No. 27 

NC1215/107       Nevada State Hospital for Mental Diseases

NC1215/108       Nevada State Mining Experiment Station 

NC1215/110       Odd Fellows Temple

NC1215/111       Ormsby County Courthouse 

NC1215/112       Pershing County Courthouse 

NC1215/117       Chism Ice Cream Company, addition

NC1215/120       Lander County High School

NC1215/122       Tonopah High School

NC1215/124       White Pine County High School

NC1215/127       Osen Motors Sales Company Building (Dietz Motor Company).

NC1215/129       Susanville City Hall

NC1215/131       Hall, J.W., building

NC1215/135       Sparks Grade School (Kate M. Smith School) (2 folders)

NC1215/137       Stockgrowers and Ranchers Bank

NC1215/141       Farmers and Merchants Bank

NC1215/143       Lunsford, W.S., building

NC1215/145       Majestic Theatre

NC1215/146       Nevada Cadillac Company Building

NC1215/147       Nevada State Building 

NC1215/153       University of Nevada, Reno Girls Dormitory Building 

NC1215/154       Arcade Building 

NC1215/156       Byington Building

NC1215/157       Commercial Hotel, (Elko)

NC1215/159       First National Bank, Elko

NC1215/164       Hunter Theater

NC1215/166       Knights of Pythias Building, Elko

NC1215/167       Laughton Hot Springs

NC1215/169       Mayer Hotel, (Elko)

NC1215/173       Reno Golf Club, club house

NC1215/175       Riverside Hotel

NC1215/178       University of Nevada, Reno Dining Room and Kitchen Building

NC1215/179       University of Nevada, Reno Hatch Building

NC1215/181       University of Nevada, Reno Mackay School of Mines

NC1215/185       Gardnerville Hotel

NC1215/189       Heidtman. H.C. building



NC1215/192      Sparks High School



NC1215/192      Sparks High School (3 folders)

NC1215/194      Trinity Episcopal Church (Trinity Cathedral)

NC1215/195       Winnemucca Baptist Church

NC1215/196      Bell Telephone of Nevada, Reno Main Office

NC1215/197       Bell Telephone of Nevada, Sparks Office (Alano Club)

NC1215/200       Fernley 

NC1215/201       Markleeville School

NC1215/202       Rhodes, C.E., house

NC1215/203      Saint Thomas Aquinas

NC1215/207       Toscano Hotel

NC1215/210       Bulasky, M., building

NC1215/211       Causten, James, house

NC1215/215      Fallon Municipal Building

NC1215/216       Groesbeck Building

NC1215/219       Knight, Lora J., house and cottage

NC1215/220      Lincoln County High School

NC1215/222       Montello School and Gym Building

NC1215/226       University of Nevada, Reno Mackay Science Hall (2 folders)

NC1215/228       Barengo Brothers Hotel and Store



NC1215/229      Bell Telephone of Nevada, Carson City Office

NC1215/236      Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish House and School

NC1215/237      Smith, C.W., house

NC1215/238      Sparks Catholic Church

NC1215/241       University of Nevada, Reno Arts and Science Building

NC1215/245      Agnes, John, house

NC1215/248      Race Track Clubhouse 

NC1215/250       Washoe County General Hospital (4 folders) 

NC1215/251       Washoe County Library, Sparks Branch 

NC1215/243       Graham, L.D., servant's quarters 

NC1215/257      U.S. Post Office (4 folders) 



NC1215/260      Carson City High School

NC1215/261      Smith Valley High School

NC1215/263      Roxie Theatre

NC1215/266      Nevada State Supreme Court and Library

NC1215/267      Virginia City School

NC1215/268      Wadsworth Public School

NC1215/269      Yerington Grammar School No.9

NC1215/277      Mirc, Pierre, house

NC1215/280      Woodburn, William, house

NC1215/283      Dodge Construction Company, machine shop building

NC1215/289      Siefert, D.M., house 8

NC1215/303      University of Nevada, Reno Gamma Phi Beta Sorority

NC1215/305      Kings Beach School

NC1215/317      Portola Fire Hall

NC1215/322      Elko County Courthouse

NC1215/323       University of Nevada, Reno Gymnasium Building

NC1215/329       Hawthorne Grade School (3 folders)

NC1215/343       McKinley Park School 

NC1215/351      Cacka, L., tourist cabin

NC1215/352      Church of Christ

NC1215/357       LeMaire, Rene, garage and showroom

NC1215/358      Lyon County Hospital



NC1215/362      Nevada State Historical Society Library Building

NC1215/367       University of Nevada, Reno Men's Dormitory

NC1215/369      Lander County Jail

NC1215/372       Churchill County Courthouse

NC1215/373       Churchill Public Hospital (3 folders)

NC1215/387      Trinity Lutheran Church

NC1215/392      Gray Reid Wright Building 

NC1215/395       Salvation Army Building

NC1215/400       Bourne, A.K., house 

NC1215/416      U.S. Bureau of Mines

NC1215/438       Vincent, Ronald, house

NC1215/439       Nevada Industrial Commission Building  

NC1215/440       Washoe County Health and Welfare Building (3 folders) 

NC1215/443      Donner Inn Motel

NC1215/444       Humboldt Hotel


BOX 9 

NC1215/446      Union Federal Savings & Loan


BOX 10-12 

NC1215/448       University of Nevada, Reno Engineering Building


BOX 13

NC1215/452      Storey County Fire House No.l

NC1215/453      Tom Sawyer Village (4 folders)

NC1215/454      YWCA (3 folders)

NC1215/470      Curti, Philip, garage

NC1215/492      Kall, Fred A., house

NC1215/518      Quincy Theater

NC1215/524      Saint Thomas School

NC1215/528      Tioga Lodge

NC1215/538      Young, H.E., house

NC1215/622        Steinmiller, Dr. G.C. House


BOX 14

This box contains un-numbered specifications and includes specifications for projects for which there are no drawings in the collection; specifications for jobs executed by other architects; and United States Government speci­fications. 


Specifications/No Drawings 

Alameda County, Golden Gate School  

Alameda County Jail 

Alpine County Courthouse  

Austin Gymnasium 

Band Stand, Reno  

Baptist Church, Sparks 

Byars, H.M., house 

Fallon Library  

Keystone Laundry  

Lander County Hospital  

Nevada State Museum  

University of Nevada, Reno Refrigeration Plant 

Wells School  

Winnemucca Parish House 

Yavapai Court House 


Other Architects 

Fallon High School 

Florence Drake Elementary School 

Gardner Street School, Los Angeles 

Sonoma State Home 

Sparks City Hall 

T.D. Theater 


National Housing Agency-U.S. Government Specifications 

War Housing Project, Sparks 

War Dormitory Buildings, Sparks  

Highland Terrace Housing, Reno 

War Housing Project, Carlin  

War Housing Project, Fallon 

War Housing Project, Luning 

War Housing Project, Mill City 

War Housing Project, Golconda


BOX 15

This box contains printed material and photographs donated by Galen deLongchamps, 1984. Included are Persons In The Foreground by Boyd Moore containing a biographical sketch of F.J. Delongchamps; The Artemisia 1904; F.J. Delongchamps photograph portfolio; photographs of the construction of the Washoe County Courthouse, 1910; news clips.