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  • The Multimedia Center is located in the Knowledge Center at the rear of the first, or @One, level.
  • Multimedia items can be checked out at the Multimedia Center whenever the Knowledge Center is open.
  • Multimedia Equipment checks out from Teaching and Learning Technologies in the office adjacent to the Multimedia Center.
  • The check-out & renewal policy for multimedia spells out the terms of borrowing, including any fees.



The music collection is strong in classical, jazz, and opera, with over 3,000 compact discs. Major donors to the collection are: Laughlin, Cord, Pasqueletti, Schlosser, James Flanagan Jr, White and Ybarra.

Film and Video

The Multimedia Center's collection includes 12,000+ videocassettes, 3,500+ DVDs, and 100+ books on CD on a wide range of subjects. The collection supports a broad range of study and University-level instruction within the University of Nevada System.

Highlights of the collection:

  • The complete BBC Shakespeare plays.
  • PBS programs, Frontline, and various Bill Moyer series.
  • An excellent collection of feature films including many classics.
  • The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century (VHS) offers a very large collection of historical film footage.
  • The complete Western Civilization slide collection with a master guide for instructional use.

Foreign Language Instruction

The Multimedia Center is responsible for recording foreign languages on CDs, supporting instruction in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.

Video Screening in the Knowledge Center

United States copyright law limits public display of videos in Knowledge Center facilities to two scenarios — Fair Use and Public Performance Rights. Please review our policy with regards to screening video for either of these purposes.