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Encore Frequently Asked Questions

What is Encore?

Encore is a new, friendlier interface for searching the UNR Libraries’ catalog. It acts more like a Web search featuring new ways to quickly and effectively narrow your results by keywords, library location, language, and date.

Please note that the Encore interface is still in development, and we are working constantly with the developers to improve the user experience and resolve issues that come up. Please let us know if you see problems that you think we should look into.

How do I use Encore?

Encore uses a simple keyword search similar to Google. Type in one or more keywords, and Encore will return ranked results. You can then refine your search by choosing one of the facets on the left or by choosing one of the tags on the right. You can also narrow a search by adding more keywords to the Encore search box at the top.

Will Encore replace the UNR Library Catalog?

No. Encore is a new interface for searching the Library Catalog, but the previous catalog search screen is still there, now called the "Classic Search." You can still use the Classic Search to search by author, title, call number, etc., or to use the traditional limiting functions. Look for links to "Classic Search" if you would prefer to use that interface.

Does Encore search the same resources as the Classic Catalog?

Yes. In the future, Encore will also be able to search certain databases and local digital resources.

Why can't I specify an author or title search in Encore?

Encore has only a single keyword search box. After you perform your initial search, you can then narrow your search by author or title by choosing one of the facets on the left of the screen. Alternatively, you can use the Author or Title searches in the Classic Search.

What happens if I log in?

If you log in through the link at the upper right (using your NetID), you can access your library account (to renew books, check due dates, check pending requests, etc.). Also, when you are looking at a specific record, you can add your own tags at the bottom to add comments or search terms to the record.

How do I get a book that's in MARS (Mathewson Automated Retrieval System)?

If a book is in MARS, you will see a "Request from MARS" button in the record. If you want the book, click on the button, fill in your NetID if prompted, and submit your request. The book will be pulled from MARS and be available for you to pick up at the Library Services desk.

I don't have a NetID. Can I still get a book from MARS?

Yes. Go to the Library Services desk, and they will enter the request for you. (You won't be able to request it yourself online.) If you are a community borrower, you can use your barcode to request books.

How can I save the results of my search?

Encore currently does not accommodate saving records to a list, but you can still do it through the Classic Search interface, just as you could in the past. Use the "Save to list" and "Download list" buttons to create lists for printing, exporting to e-mail, or exporting into citation management software tools like EndNote. Also, a new feature available in Encore is that you can copy the URL that appears the address box, and that URL will return you to exactly the same search results if you click on it or paste it into the address box in the future.