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Steven D. Zink Ph.D.

Vice President for Information Technology and Dean, University Libraries


It is with mixed feelings that I am writing to tell you that I will be stepping down as Vice President for Information Technology and Dean of the University Libraries.

When I came to Reno 30 years ago last October, I never thought I would be in Reno for more than a couple years. Inexplicably to some, I chose to take a job at the University of Nevada over an offer from Northwestern. It was a good decision.

I have had the opportunity to work with some outstanding individuals who also became good friends. Nevada had great potential and a willingness to experiment. I was interviewed for my first job at UNR by a relatively new president, Joe Crowley, and ultimately was charged to build what essentially was the first campus IT staff. In the midst of this, I was given (or perhaps I took) even more latitude to put together an information organization that included the libraries as well as the broad spectrum of information professions.

In comparison to universities of similar size, the organization has accomplished incredible things. Even though I consider the people with whom I have worked the most important contribution to the campus, the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center will likely remain the most enduring testament to the good works of the organization. Without the outstanding service ethic of the staff of the IT/Libraries Division, the concept of the Knowledge Center would never have gotten off the ground. And, without the broad support of generous donors and friends of the University, like you, the Knowledge Center would never have been constructed.

I regret leaving the Division in such a tumultuous budgetary time, but there probably isn’t a good time. Transforming information into knowledge is the bedrock of a university. How information is used, made accessible, and acquired will continue to undergo rapid changes due to the unrelenting advances in information and communications technologies.

For the sake of the University as a whole, your support for the continuing advancement of the University Libraries has never been more important.

While I am leaving, I will not be far away. I have accepted the position of Vice Chancellor for the Nevada System of Higher Education.

With all best wishes,
Steve Zink