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Printing, Copying, Scanning and Faxing


From a Laptop Over the Knowledge Center Wireless Network

From the Knowledge Center Computers

  • Each floor within the Knowledge Center has black and white printers.
  • Color printing is available in @One and on the second floor.
  • Double sided printing is available on the north side of the second floor and on all @One printers.
  • Print jobs are available to pick up from any of the printers on the floor from which you sent the job.
  • To release a print job, swipe your Wolfcard at the card reader next to the machine from which you would like to print. The screen displays a list of pending jobs. Select your job, confirm the cost, and print.
  • Funds are debited from your Wolfbucks account.

From the DeLaMare Computers

  • One color and one black and white printer are available on the first floor.


  • 07 cents per black & white print. 20 cents per color print. Prices doubled for double-sided printing.


Locations in the Knowledge Center

  • First floor, south: book copier (b & w + color) (incl. scan to e-mail); east: Xerox Copier (b & w only)
  • Second floor, north: book copier (b & w only); south: Xerox copier with document feeder (b & w only)
  • Fourth floor, south: Xerox copier (b & w only)

Other Locations

  • DeLaMare Library has 2 document feeder copiers with scan to email functionality.
  • Savitt Medical Library has 1 book copier.


  • 10 cents per black & white copy. 20 cents per color copy.
  • Machines take Wolfbucks.
  • Wolfbucks can be added to Wolfcards using the Card Management Center (CMC) available next to the Library Services desk and @One in the Knowledge Center, Savitt Medical Library, DeLaMare Library and the Joe Crowley Student Union.
  • Customers unaffiliated with UNR can purchase a copy card at the library services desk. Copy cards have an initial purchase cost of $5: $1 for the card and $4 for copies. Additional funds can be added to the card after it is purchased. The initial purchase must be for $5 only.


From The Copiers

  • Copiers on the first and second floor are equipped with the scan to e-mail function.
  • Once logged in simply select e-mail and enter the correct e-mail address.

From The Computers

  • There are scanners attacted to ten computers in the @One area.


Library Services in the Knowledge Center offers a fax service for library users. Charges for sending or receiving a fax are:

  • Local and U.S. — $1 for up to 5 pages (including cover sheet); $.25 for each additional page.
  • International — $2.00 for up to 5 pages (including cover sheet); $.50 for each additional page.

The fax number for Library Services is (775) 327-2181.

Contact Library Services for more information at (775) 682-5625.