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About the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center

Why a Knowledge Center?

The single greatest intellectual force and competitive advantage in the 21st century is the rapid assimilation of new knowledge to fuel innovation. New knowledge, applied to existing tasks, results in increased productivity; new knowledge applied to new challenges and tasks is fundamental to innovation. Recognizing this critical interplay between knowledge and innovation, the University of Nevada, Reno has established one of the first centers in the nation built specifically to embrace these dynamics of the 21st century.

The Knowledge Center will encompass all facets of the digital age in a single, synergistic complex.

Computing and information technologies are combined with the latest in graphical design technologies and the resources of the university library in a physical environment designed to maximize learning, nurture the production and distribution of new knowledge, and stimulate and sustain innovation.

-Steve Zink, Vice Chancellor of Information Technology, NSHE

The Knowledge Center combines the best of traditional library resources with new digital and multimedia technologies. This pioneering information environment is designed to nurture creativity and stimulate intellectual inquiry.

Knowledge Center Photo
Knowledge Center Photo

Features, Resources, and Services

Main Points of Service

  • Research & Computing Help Desk Expand/Contract
    Recognizing the synergy between information and technology, the Knowledge Center has consolidated library research and computing help into a single service point inside the second floor atrium. The pooled expertise of library and information technology professionals aids library users in eliminating obstacles to access, empowering them with the tools and skills they will require to navigate the complex web of knowledge to which the Knowledge Center hopes to function as a gateway. Through collaboration between these two aspects of the information universe, customers benefit from a "one-stop shopping", and both staff and customers take away an increased understanding of how these pieces fit together.
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Donors & Named Locations

Things to See
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The building is named in recognition of a combined $10 million gift from Charles Mathewson and International Game Technology. Private donations account for more than $22 million of the $75 million facility. For a complete list of named locations, click here. Highlights on each floor include:

Selected Named Locations

  • First Floor
  • Second Floor
    • The lounge in the Frank & Joan Randall Rotunda can hold up to 60 people and is a great spot for gatherings.
  • Third Floor
  • Fourth Floor
  • Fifth Floor
    • The William F. & Nadine M. Pillsbury Tower Reading Room, located in the southwestern corner, offers a view of Peavine Mountain and Mount Rose.