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Poster Resources and Design Tips

A Good Poster…

  • Summarizes your work.
  • Conveys a message visually.
  • Is readable from about 4 feet away.
  • Has a clearly discernible organization.

Templates and Images

Poster Printing and Assistance

  • Come to the @One Help Desk on the first floor of the Knowledge Center to get assistance with design or printing.

Poster Design Tips

  • Avoid text that is too small (18-24 pt minimum).
  • Use no more than 2-3 font styles in all, and choose fonts that are easy to read.
  • Avoid too much text (no more than 800 words max).
  • Use columns, sections, headings, and blocks of text to organize your content.
  • Choose a title that illustrates what your poster is about. Your title should be at least twice the size of your regular text.
  • Choose colors carefully and pay attention to contrast. If in doubt, dark print on light background is best.
  • Selectively incorporate charts, graphs, photographs, and other graphics that support the theme of your poster.
  • Avoid fuzzy images; make sure all graphics are high-resolution and easily visible.
  • Include your name on your poster and the UNR logo.
  • Edit your poster carefully before the final print-out.

Poster Examples

More Poster Design Advice