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Finding Examples of Different Types of Writing

Finding Articles Online

Using Academic Search Premier

Finding Books

Finding Examples of Different types of Writing in the Library Catalog

Finding Works by Genre


limiting by type and full textExamples of letters can be found in newsapers, magazines, and internet news sites in the form of letters to the editor. In addition, many books contain examples of business letters, and some historical collections of letters may serve as primary source material. To search for letters to the editor, search Academic Search Premier or Masterfile Premier. Check the box next to "Full Text" and limit the document type to "Letter," as shown in the picture.



Memoirs may be long (book) or short (article or book excerpt). Look for memoirs either by searching the catalog or a database such as Academic Search Premier or Masterfile Premier. Try searching with the word "memoir" and a subject of interest, although you may have to look through several selections that are about memoirs, rather than being memoirs themselves. When searching in an article database, you may have to exclude book reviews by specifying "not review." Also keep in mind that many memoirs will not have the word "memoir" in the title.



Reviews of books, movies, games, and products can be found on the internet and in article databases, such as Academic Search Premier or Masterfile Premier. You can search for a review of a specific title, such as Outcasts United, or look at sites specializing in reviews, such as those below.



limiting to editorialBoth commentaries and proposals offer analysis of issues, although proposals go further in offering a plan of action. Proposals can take many forms, such as public policy proposals, business proposals, and research proposals. The opinion pages of magazines and newspapers are filled with commentaries, and some of these also propose solutions to problems. Commentaries and proposals can also be found in Academic Search Premier or  Masterfile Premier. When searching, check the box next to "Full Text" and limit the document type to "Editorial," as shown in the picture.


Finding Primary & Secondary Sources

Primary and Secondary Sources: Their Role in Your Research
An online tutorial that will help you identify different types of sources.

Research Help

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