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About the Project

Class 2

History 311 class: 1st row: Professor Alicia Barber, Anton Koszuth, Belva Yost, Ciara Garcia, Carter Latimer
2nd row: Douglas Boedenauer, Edan Strekal, Dylan Whitenton, Kelly Emiston, Michael McCraven, Hugo Guillen
3rd row: Vincent Bush, Shelby Harris, Christine Johnson, Breanne De Haven, Jessica Sims
4th row: Shelby Abart, Karalea Clough, Alena Weber, Joseph Jacques, Eric Jo, Patrick Mansfield

This online exhibit represents a collaboration between the Special Collections and University Archives department of the University Libraries, and the Public History program in the Department of History. Inspired by reading James Hulse's book, The University of Nevada: A Centennial History (Reno: University of Nevada Press, 1974), students enrolled in History 311 (Introduction to Public History) in Spring 2011 selected historical campus topics of their choice, focusing on the years prior to 1975 in order to provide a clear historical perspective on events.

Under the direction of Professor Alicia Barber, the students then researched their individual topics extensively, located and selected relevant images from the University Archives and other repositories, and composed the entries found here. Their sources ranged from archived issues of the Nevada Sagebrush and Artemesia to Board of Regents meeting agendas, local newspaper articles, campus maps, architectural drawings, and student organizational records. Some of these documents have rarely, if ever, been seen publicly since their creation, decades--and sometimes even a century--ago.

The exhibit is intended to serve as a framework for future expansion, to be further developed by future classes and contributors in an effort to include an ever-increasing range of historical subjects. The students in History 311 would like to acknowledge the extraordinary assistance received from Special Collections staff, especially Donnelyn Curtis, Betty Glass, and Kim Roberts, who worked closely with them to locate and interpret materials and images in order to deepen their understanding of university topics in order to present them clearly to the public. Librarians Justin Blum and Glee Willis have worked very hard on the development of the website and the digital assets management system. Kristi Anderson, a student assistant in the library, was responsible for the site design. The student entries have been lightly edited for consistency, but the voices, and opinions, are their own.

The Department of History's Public History program is devoted to discussion of the issues and practice of presenting history to general audiences via historical sites, markers, and museums; mass media; heritage tourism, new technologies; and other means. For more about the university's Public History offerings, contact Dr. Alicia Barber at (775) 682-6466.

For more information about the website or University Archives, contact Betty Glass at (775) 682-5560.