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Gus Bundy

Gus Bundy settled in Nevada in 1941 after spending his youth in New York City. During his twenties Bundy traveled widely, initially as a seaman in the United States Navy, and, later, as an art and curio collector in Japan, during the late 1930s. Profes- sionally, Bundy was a prolific photographer as well as an accomplished painter and sculptor. In 1957, he co-founded a portrait workshop in Northern Nevada that continued to meet for many years. Bundy could best be described as a modern day Renaissance man. His wife, Jean, concluded that he was fascinated with all processes of creation. Occasionally, Bundy wrote poetry. On the other hand, when he tried his hand at Chinese sumi brush painting, he decided, with rare reluctance, not to pursue it. Bundy was in his element when he was sharing this breadth of interest with artists and writers such as those who gathered at Zoray Andrus’s brewery in Virginia City during the 1950s. Gus Bundy’s extensive photography collection is archived in Special Collections in the UNR Knowledge Center.   Gus Bundy posing on a rock

Bundy Sculpture

A Bundy sculpture in the Valerie Gallery in Reno in 1952. All photographs by Gus Bundy.

Bundy Home

Bundy designed this fireplace for Roger Butterfield's home in Virginia City

Fencepost Sculpture

Fencepost Madonna
collection of Tina Nappe

Bundy in his studio

Bundy in his studio

Bundy in Virginia City

In Virginia City



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