The Basque Library

The Library was founded in the late sixties under the auspices of the Basque Studies Program by then coordinator, William Douglass, with the help of Robert Laxalt, and guidance of Jon Bilbao. Today, the Basque Library is a part of the University of Nevada, Reno’s main library.

Over the years the library has become very influential and is considered to be the leading library on Basque topics anywhere outside of the Basque Country.

Today the Basque Library, combining the advantages of technology and its strong relationships with organizations and libraries in the Basque Country, strives to provide the best service possible.

The Library fulfills the needs of the Center for Basque Studies in Reno.

Being a University Library it acquires, and supplies researchers and academics in the field of Basque Studies all necessary documentation and information, regardless of format.  It also offers services and information that facilitate researchers´ work.

It serves as the center for information on the Diaspora as well as the travels of Basques abroad.

It endeavors to collect, protect and distribute information, regardless the format, on Basques outside of the Basque Country, especially those in the US and other English-speaking countries, in order to facilitate further research in this area.

It is the window for English speakers to the Basque world.

Its goal is to gather and distribute everything published in English about the Basques, regardless the format.  It also strives to offer the best published works pertaining to Basque topics in Basque, Spanish and French.

Updated 31 March, 2011