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Dynamic Media Lab

The Sierra Pacific Dynamic Media Lab provides software, hardware, and expert assistance to complete media projects including video and audio editing, DVD authoring, animation and graphics creation, Flash authoring, and digital still photography.

Dynamic Media Lab wide angle

Lab Features

  • 18 quad-core Intel Xeon Mac Pro workstations optimized for handling HD video post production and distribution requirements
  • 30" Apple Cinema Displays
  • MiniDV, Panasonic P2 and HDV capture devices
  • Ultra-fast, Fibre Channel networked storage system, ideal for editing High Definition video projects*
  • Tapleless solid state production and post production technology (P2 is a reusable, renewable, and recyclable green format)
  • Integrated workflow with and convenient access to various production equipment including: HD video cameras, tripods, microphones, lighting, etc. For more details, check out the KC Equipment Check-out page.

Specialized software for the lab includes:

  • Adobe Master Collection - Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Soundbooth, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc.
  • Final Cut Production Bundle - Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Color, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Compressor
  • iLife Suite - GarageBand, iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto
  • Maxon Cinema 4D**

Audio Suite (Room 108D) Features

Sound Booth Mic

  • Professional Audio Recording Isolation Booth
  • 3 CAD Condensor Microphones
  • USB Digital Mixerboard
  • Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone

Specialized software for the Audio Suite includes:

  • Logic Studio Pro
  • Protools LE (Mbox 2)

How Much Assistance Can I Expect?

Expert help will be available most hours or by appointment. For more details, contact the DML manager at (775) 682-5695, or e-mail Daniel Fergus.

* Dedicated lab storage assigned per request.

** Available on select machines.